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Foundations of Temple Arts


The Arts of Self Sourcing

You are connected to an infinite source of Shakti & Divine life force within your body

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Temple Begins April 6 2023

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“Who is She?
She is your power, your Feminine source.
Big Mama.
The Goddess.
The Great Mystery.
The web-weaver.
The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”
― Lucy H. Pearce,
Burning Woman

It is a womans birth right to have access to the wellspring of shakti that flows between the Earth & sky. Rekindling our roots to Mother Earth through the strengthening of our life force & integrating these teachings into daily life of Woman.

Sovereign Source is a 5 week online foundational temple container that will be a journey through the Arts of Self Sourcing and Feminine Temple Mysteries. Each week we will dive into the foundational pillars that support the alchemical rewiring of the energetic, physical & emotional body to attune deeper into the central channel. This is where we receive life force, Shakti, from the earth & sky and rewire our energy body to receive directly from Source. In rewiring the energetic system to be a direct channel between the Earth and Sky, we become clear and coherent channel for life force to express itself through in direct connection to the Divine.

This is a temple that supports creating a strong foundation to root yourself into your path of devotion as a woman in service to Mother Earth & the Goddess. All the ceremonies and tools shared in this temple are for supporting your personal inner path & cultivating a strong central pillar within your expression and greater service to Mother Earth & humanity. This container is specifically crafted for woman identified beings and womb carriers, whether you still have a womb or not. This work is also for women in all phases of womanhood.

Come back home to your body,

Restore your ancient Birthright,

Remember the Nature of the Soul


April 6th: Opening Ceremony

Week 1: Elemental Connection
April 10th: class 1 
April 13th: class 2

Week 2: Self Pleasure & Care
April 17th: Class  3
April 20th: Class 4
April 22nd- *Bonus class*

Week 3: Emotional Alchemy
April 24th : Class 5
April 27th: Class 6

Week 4: Inner Alchemy
-Beltane Portal-

May 3rd: Class 7
May 5th : Class 8

Week 5: Sisterhood Dream Weaving
May 8th: Class 9
May 11th: Class 10

May 15th: Closing Ceremony




We are vessels of alchemy,

our bodies hold the innate wisdom

to awaken deeper levels of

experience of the Wild Divine. 


Self sourcing is the art of coming home to deeper embodiment & gnosis of your inner life force and relationship to the Divine. As you learn to walk in symbiotic relationship with all relations, these arts become a way of being & living in harmony with Mother Earth, Creation, & Self.  In the art of this awareness, you cultivate creative Life force-Shakti within the body and become a stronger container for life force to flow freely through you and into your dreams. These arts explore where we reach and search outside ourselves for pleasure, sustenance, peace, validation and support in ways that give our power & life force away.


There is an eternal wellspring of life force, prana, and shakti that lives within all of us,  awaiting to be awakened and explored through conscious interaction and experience. We are conditioned in this world to seek outside of ourselves, reaching for more, rather than sourcing our energy from within.  Self Sourcing your own energy invites a deepening in your relationship to Self as a sacred temple of God|Goddess, Source energy and clears the channels to receive & embody all that you are. 


 Weaving together Embodied temple & tantric arts, emotional & Inner alchemy, elemental ceremony, ritual, pleasure practices tools that cultivate a relationship with your central channel. Through the central channel, we access our kundalini circuitry & consciously engage the subtle energetics of the micro cosmic orbit. The body holds the true living mystery school. What you uncover in your journey only goes as deep as the embodied experience you surrender to.


In reclaiming the energy defined by fears and shame held around sexual energy, there is a deeper remembrance  of the relationship with the divine Shakti that lives in our body. By cultivating the revitalizing energy of the body and  universe, we access sexual life force through which we charge our passions, dreams, heal our own bodies, and live a more deeply embodied & expressive life. 

 The benefits of self sourcing are many including increased creative life force and sense of vitality, clearing of blockages in sexual, emotional, ancestral, relational and physical landscapes, deep sense of sovereign stability, deep rooted connection to the earth mother, conscious relationship to kundalini and shakti life force, and many other beautiful animations that can rise from bringing these practices and awareness into your life. 


These tools are not curated solely for womb carriers alone. Male bodied beings have an energetic cauldron of life force that sits in the same space upon the body, called the Hara. You  may notice life force in your body as shifts in your perceptions, experiencing body shaking, temperature fluctuations (hot\cold flashes), Digestive movements, & deepening awareness of personal patterns. These side effects are very natural, seen in Taoist practice as the fire burning away the imbalances of the system. It is vital  to build a strong foundation before exploring deeper levels of kundalini activation. 


A core  foundation of priestess and tantric work, Self Sourcing arts have been passed down through lineages & protected throughout time. These lost temple arts are reemerging upon the planet at these times to support humanities calibration to the Aquarian age. In modern tantra emphasis is placed more upon the connection in partnership and less on the mastery of inner divine union & alchemy. Practices of Realignment open the central channel for us to receive shakti from Earth and Sky, as we rewire and become vertical receivers receding from the excessive horizontal reaching in our life. Through these practices we can come home to the deeper magick that lives within the womb of creation, clear distortions & unhealthy relational patterns, & activate the wellspring of life force that lives within the body so to Embody Spirit. 

What are the Arts of Self Sourcing?


Elemental Connection

 In the Arts of Self Sourcing we explore the connection we share with the elemental allies of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, & Ether through daily ritual and conscious relationship. When we come into right relationship with the elements of the Earth, Mother Earth can communicate with us  more clearly & we rewire primordial memories that connect us more deeply to Self & Mother Earth. 

We Will Explore . . .

Pleasure, Embodiment, Self Care are more than a way to nourish yourself, it is a prayer. We explore the magick of self pleasure ritual, the different layers of self care that supports wombans energetic flows, and attunement to the womb & the cycles within the body and in the body of Mother Earth. 


Inner Alchemy


Self Pleasure & Care

Inner Alchemy is the transmutation of polarity to create the fullest embodiment of your souls essence in this life. Exploring the dance of the masculine & feminine energetics within, your relationship to pain & pleasure, Darkness & light and meeting the archetypal myth of your souls journey. Journeying through the  body through somatic embodiment, communication rituals & guided mythos meditation .

Emotional Alchemy is the arts of taking sovereign responsibility of your emotional experiences, trauma responses,and energetics. Through somatic practices, emotional clearing ceremonies, and creative transmutation, we explore the potency of rewiring our relationship to our emotional expression and uncover deeper wellsprings of life force & clarity.


Emotional Alchemy

Rituals & Ceremonies

-Fire Ceremony Womb Clearing

-Elemental Altar Creating

-Pleasure as Prayer Ritual

-Shakti Embodiment

-Self Sourcing Circuits

-Inner Polarity Communication Ritual

-Emotional Alchemy Ritual

-Womb Voice Activation

-Body Temple Ceremony: Eros Blessing

*You will be given PDF's & video recordings of practices and small packets of information along with our live calls*

This course is created to explore the embodied experience of these arts and not mental exploration alone.


Grace Asharah

Meet Your Guide

In her devotion to Mother Earth and the evolution of consciousness, Grace Asharah has journeyed many pathways of wisdom and embodiment in her commitment to "Know thy Self" and for liberation of all beings. Her devotion and connection to Divine Mother & Great Mystery has been her compass while walking the path of her own spiral evolution & healing journey. Grace holds ceremonial space for deep inner communion & alchemy to support women in their awakening, rewilding, and remembering of their divine service upon Gaia and the living mythos that is their birthright to embody.  She serves as a mirror, catalyst, and sacred space for individuals to remember who they are and authentically embody their souls expression. She is deeply passionate about uncovering the feminine mysteries, ancient traditions and Indigenous ways of life through the wisdom in the body temple and Mother Natures cycles. She shares these passions through Earth ceremony, Temple arts, feminine embodiment, & ritual arts. At her roots she is a visionary artist of many mediums, with deep love for poetry and embodied expression through movement, song, and creative alchemy.

Upon her journey she has studied at Kriaplu for a 200 hr YTT, studied & practices advaita, Non dual self inquiry & mantra and has deep devotional roots in Tantra & Bhakti Yoga. She has received Healing Touch certification (level 3), self studied crystal, sound, & somatic therapies, explored the arts of shamanic drum journeying, ancestral healing & drum making, Studies Magdalene Mysteries & feminine archetypes with teachers such as Meggan Watterson, She has spent the last 7 years immersing  into indigenous ceremonies and ways of life through sweat lodge, purification ceremonies, Plant Medicine Ceremony, Vision Quest & most recent commitments to the Moondance. She has studied with Earth Priestess Arts & and apprentices with Wise Earth Way, practicing  herbalism & regenerative earth practices. In her deep passion for women reclaiming the wisdom of their body, she has been studying the arts of the red tent, cycle wellness for women, and archetypal and mythic embodiment to support the reclamation of the ancient feminine mysteries.  In the last two years she has been studying with the Priestess of the Rose and communing deeper with the path of the Rose, Grail lineages and Venusian cycles. Amidst the journey of remembrance she has been on, her greatest and deepest guide remains the Great Mystery and the living gnosis of life itself.  In her desire to continue to grow and refine the skills that support holding space for individuals and Self upon the path of awakening, she continues to unravel, learn, and listen to the whispers that guide the wild & holy path of Love.

*Guest Teachers TBA*

Sarah Bey

"Life is a ceremony. And to be a participant in this ceremony of life, we must actively listen to the wisdom of the elementals and the deeper intelligence of our bodies. This is where the medicine lives."
Elemental Embodiment Ritual: Week 1

Sarah has dedicated her life to studying in depth the fields of embodiment, ritual, temple arts, shamanism, dream work, and the original sacred ways. A student of life, a Moondancer and Elemental Priestess. She believes regardless of what unique lineage our DNA comes from, it is our birthright to build a relationship and be in dialogue with the elementals which exist within and all around us. This is the medicine she serves. Sarah holds a sacred and potent space of embodied ritual. A pathway of re-connection reveals itself when we allow the alchemical process of our body to guide us.

Naema Pierce

Naema is a pelvic specialist and women’s sex coach - helping women & pussy owners overcome feelings of disconnection, pain & shame in their pussy & sexuality so they can experience epic sex, erotic confidence and ecstatic self love. 

She helps women unlock this through her VAPPA ™  methodology - an integrative approach to sexual liberation and pelvic care. 


She is a powerful coach, working online with clients globally as well as in person in her thriving bodywork practice in Asheville, NC where she offers somatic pelvic healing sessions to women & pussy owners who are ready to get to the root of their disconnect and discover deep self and sexual liberation & healing. 


Naema is a total science nerd, esoterically deep, ridiculously playful, and is wildly passionate about helping you to live your most liberated and pleasurable life possible.

Headshot Naema .png

Guest Facilitators



Full Course: 444$

Payment plan Options Available

*For additional payment plan options please reach out to me directly*

2 month plan: 2 monthly payments of  222$

3 month plan: 3 monthly payments of  148$

8 week plan: 8 weekly payments of  55.50$

Green Forest

“A wild woman is in ceremony with life itself, and so her entire life is a living prayer.”
~ Christina Sutra

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