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Shadow Integration E-Book
-Eating Your Self Whole-

The Shadow Integration E-Book is an exploration through the realms of the unconscious shadow woven with rituals, insights, musing prompts, and integrative practices to support your journey of eating yourself whole and coming home to all parts of Self. This E-book explores three foundational realms of shadow integration that are the Archetypal, Ancestral, & Inner Child realms. We journey together through the gateways these rituals offer and peel away the layers of the unconscious. This is a 98 page PDF file that you will be able to download and have access to always.

The Shadow Integration E-book is 33$ through the website. If that is an inaccessible price for you and you feel called to this work, please feel free to email me & we can set up an alternative payment plan or agreement
You will receive an email shortly after your payment with a PDF of the Shadow Integration Book that is downloadable and yours to have.


Paypal: @Beherebenow
Venmo: @HeartPathLiving
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