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Heart Path Living

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" We are the change, we are the shift, we are here to make a difference."


Art Commision

Visionary and heArtfully expressed paintings and drawings by offer.

Offering commission paintings, murals, and creative projects to spread love, vision, and inspiration to communities and individuals. 

One on One Session

"Your Brilliance reflects back the whole universe, your healing is your rediscovery of what you always will be"

Holding a safe and sacred container for psychic exploration, tool building for trauma healing and energetic hygiene, realignment with souls purpose, and embodiment of your inherent divine Self. Exploring with tools that resonate to you, and co creating a space to unify the shadow and the light and unlock all that is within.  Inquire for details


"In the sound there is a silence, in the silence you hear your sound."

Crystal Sound Bowl Chakra Journey to re attune the subtle energy in the body and energetic fields. From root to crown each energy center contains a realm of Self to explore, balance, and expand into. Sound therapy is vibrational medicine that balances the body, emotions, mental, and spiritual energies and restores the system to natural harmony.  Private and group sessions available.


Beautiful Beings sharing their experiences

Yogini and Creatrix of Higher Vibes Yoga and Hip Hop Movement

Jenny Roberts