Soul Immersion

Thursday, 9 January 2020 3:00pm-

Sunday, 12 January 2020 3:00 pm


" We are the change, we are the shift, we are here to make a difference."

Yearning for a deeper connection to your souls voice?

In need of a retreat into silence and the vibration of the Earth Mother?

Feeling blocked in your souls expression and sharing your gifts?

Seeking to know the depths of Love?

This Soul Immersion is a dive into meditative practices, the wisdom of nature and the body, and alignment and attunement to the souls frequency. 

Grounding into the open woods of the Florida's natural wild landscape, WildCat Creek is a Permaculture and off grid education and developing center created to tap into the natrual living systems of Mother Earth. This is a perfect container for Heart Path Livings’s vision for the Soul immersion.


Join us for a weekend of immersing into the voice of spirit, uncovering stillness, and remembering our True Nature with Grace Ann and Rachel Kelley, as we guide and inspire one another into active release and deeper union with the Truth of the heart.


Extending the invitation to take a silent leap into the hearts center of presence and uncovering the illusion of separation from Source. 

You will be supported through the tools of sacred sound, movement, meditation, workshops, conscious listening and connecting, plant spirits, and the natural attunement and unconditional support of Mother Gaia, this beautiful Earth. 


We will be holding a safe and sacred container for you to ease into your highest truth and creative potential while immersing into the natural frequencies of the earth on an off the grid location.


Soul immersion is offering an opportunity to unplug from the mainstream and into the internal network of the Soul with meditation, deep connection and the Light of Nature. Heart Path living is passionate about aligning with the sacred path of the heart, uniting earth and spirit within so we can create the New Earth that we dream to see. We are passionate about deep connection and embodying the spirits essence through creative expression and soul inspired actions. 


This retreat is designed for anyone who is ready to more fully express and embody their true nature, dive into parts of self that have been unconscious and hidden. This space is created to attune to higher listening and become more present with the quantum and spiritual reality embedded in nature and within ones Body, mind, and Soul.

Love is more than a feeling, it is a living and breathing essence that is the very life force of life. The core of who we are is love. In the world and on the Earth today we are in need of safe spaces to feel where we are and come home to whats within our hearts. Our intention with this space is to hold a safe container to feel,express, and embody our True Nature while exploring openly the relationship you hold to your Self and and all life around you. 



  • Off Grid immersion with the Earth 

  • 3 meals daily All Vegan & GF options

  • Hot Tea’s  for detox throughout weekend

  • Clean and Pure Well Water 

  • Camping or Bus accommodations (limited) 

  • Wood heated converted bus with Beds (bring your own warm blankets and comforts)

  • Solar powered Showers 

  • A creek & trails to wander and commune with the land

  • Meditation garden 

  • A dome tent for warmth and zen space 


What this immersion contains:

  • A sacred and safe space to commune with the voice of spirit through the heart of Nature

  • Daily Morning Art of movement and Yoga 

  • Daily group meditations, and listening exercises to explore deep connection to the voice within and the natural world around you

  • Daily workshops and explorations to help rewire, reattune, and tap into your souls true expression and voice

  • Somatic & Breath practices 

    • Body Scans

    • Pranayama & Visualization

    • Deep Listening & Subtle Movement

  • Emotional energy transmutation 

  • Silent reflection & introspection - Creative writing and journal prompts

  • Elemental Connection meditations- deepening relationship to the body and Nature

    • Elemental Embodiment meditations- Exploring the 5 elements as tools for deeper relationship with the Self

    • Cold water Therapy Option

  • Crystalline Activation and Womb Awareness & Wisdom

  • Cacao and Sound Journey 


Art Commision

Visionary and heArtfully expressed paintings and drawings by offer.

Offering commission paintings, murals, and creative projects to spread love, vision, and inspiration to communities and individuals. 

One on One Session

"Your Brilliance reflects back the whole universe, your healing is your rediscovery of what you always will be"

Holding a safe and sacred container for psychic exploration, tool building for trauma healing and energetic hygiene, realignment with souls purpose, and embodiment of your inherent divine Self. Exploring with tools that resonate to you, and co creating a space to unify the shadow and the light and unlock all that is within.  Inquire for details


"In the sound there is a silence, in the silence you hear your sound."

Crystal Sound Bowl Chakra Journey to re attune the subtle energy in the body and energetic fields. From root to crown each energy center contains a realm of Self to explore, balance, and expand into. Sound therapy is vibrational medicine that balances the body, emotions, mental, and spiritual energies and restores the system to natural harmony.  Private and group sessions available.


Beautiful Beings sharing their experiences

Yogini and Creatrix of Higher Vibes Yoga and Hip Hop Movement

Jenny Roberts

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