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~Update from the Void~ Eclipse Portal 2019

Rapid shifts have been taking place this past month, I am witnessing it in my experience and also in almost every being I meet and know. On some level we are all feeling this Intensification of Eclipse energies. What has stuck like a mold to our soul of doubt, fears, shames passed down from bloodlines and Humanities story, is beginning to grow a garden of truth upon the very fears that once left us shaking. Seeing with more clarity the many facets and dimensions that make up your being and discovering the integrative path that supports that alchemy of your soul. All is returning to wholeness. Our spirit is naturally here to shine in the devotion of Love and Truth and now it is piercing these veils we have been peeking through for some time now. This intensifying friction of old beliefs, ideas of self, and past trauma coming up, like kindle for this fire. Like pure nutrients for the garden. Like waves of purification to the ocean of consciousness.

The shore line is seen, the journey a mystery.

The destination is and always has been and will be this present moment.

Thats been the greatest paradox of realization to me. That we are on this apparent journey while simultaneously in our destination point. Ever turning more deeply into that space that all ends and begins at the same point. This maya, this illusion, has a purpose, it serves our growth and deepening of understanding of the vastness of the universe.

Limitation reveals the unlimited nature.

The theme of surrender has been ever present for me along the journey. At this point of time upon this planet, surrender is encompassing much more than my mind can fathom. Allowing breath to fill my whole body, receiving assistance from those around me and my guides of other worlds, recognizing the transmutation process and honoring every feeling, thought, and story that is coming up. Witnessing how much growth has happened and all that is to come, the excitement in my soul is tempered with a discipline to move with integrity and purpose.

My solar return\ Birthday was this past week and I felt a massive shift in the maturation of my perceptions. All the inner work finally integrated to a point where I feel fearless to the path that Love\ The universe has laid out. I used to tell this story that "I am a mess and can never get it together." along with the classic "I have a difficult time creating healthy boundaries" I realized how much this has prevented me from actually getting it together, respecting my space, and trusting in the guidance within my self. Such a subtle and sneaky story that was impacted so much of my motions on this planet and perhaps I will share more about that inner work in another post...

To that story I say to you it has been rewritten, and its time for major script changes globally too.

From Darkness, To light, To diving in and out of the underworld to consciously navigate the inner realms, to soul freedom and integration, growth and liberation. Perception is not black or white. Its all encompassing, and the stories of evil have made us fear our greatest teachers as humans. Once we do the inner work to rewire our perceptions, clarity dawns on the consciousness just as it will one day on the whole of humanity.

This journey of awakening once again to the Truth of who we are and remembering our multidimensional divine heritage is what we came here to experience. If you are sitting here reading this, if your not, the spirit inside chose this time to be a human on this beautiful Mother Earth.

So what is spirit calling to you?

What echoes in your heart as an unanswered cry?

How can you nourish yourself and bring more surrender into your experience?

Celebrate this time of not knowing, rest and go within to listen to the voice of your soul, allow the answers to reveal in effortless inhales and exhales as you take your power to manifest your reality back into your own hands and heart and we step into a completely new vibration of who we authentically are.

For now this is where we are....suspended....in between...ready to be birthed into a New Reality.

~ SoultoSoul