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  • Wild Grace

We are Free . . .

When it all feels like its crashing down and there is no where else to stand.

When the weight of the world feels imbedded into your shoulder blades and knots of lifetimes built upon the spine.

When guilt chokes the voice of your soul to a whisper of yesterday's dreams

When the pain of ignorance throws the heart into attack, in fear that this world is built upon cruelty and greed.

When the truth hits so hard that there is nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp but an effervescent breath.

When the conditions that constructed the reality for lifetimes fall to ash and the thin veils merge into unity.

When the paradigm falls and all systems of society collapse to our feet.

When it all burns and corrodes away with beds of rich nutrients to feed another generation.

When the divine intercedes all fear and thought,

what is left but to see that this is all love.

Appearance seemingly reveals truth, yet there are eyes that see beyond the veils that are open and ready for those who are open to see through.

It is a constant eb and flow, pure divine seeing, smashed back to small self yearning to be free again.

Witness to the patterns, laid out by saturn,

Breath is all that is left once you are detached from the matter.

Deeper revelation sinks in,

We are one breath

,One kindred soul,

I am no different from what you are.

When it thrashes to the ground and only the crackle of fire is left as a sound, the silence is the lesson beyond all else anyhow.

When the ship goes overboard and we sink to the bottom, I know that love has drowned us in honor.

When there is nothing left but the witness laid to rest,

To see what is beyond seeing is what I am dreaming.

Words limit the expression or can lay out a new perception,

Its all in the beholder, the receiver of the message.

Words mean nothing unless they are said, fully fed to digest like veggies from the garden of the seeds you sow.

It is your birthright to see, baffled by an ineffable mystery.

The rest is left as a story,

A beautiful design of how you came to this moment of glory.

You are free of all limitation

You are free from a sense of dissatisfaction.

You are free from the urges that are triggered by the dragon.

You are free beloved. . .

You are free. . .

And when in all comes crashing down, you will stand silent in the crowd.

You will know it is the freedom bell,

It has called you home since the dawn did rise,

And it will continue to lead with love as your guide.

You are free beloved. . .

You are free . . .