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  • Wild Grace

Un-Bound, Un- Limited, Un-Leashed

So here it is...

Days of reflecting,

Months of reshaping,

Years of recreating,

Lifetimes of preparing,

and here we are.

I want to share my journey, and when I say that it feels like such a vast and personal statement. Yet, I also deeply recognizing that this story is not mine. The small specks of crystalized insight and profound shifts of awareness, mystical expansions and spirited adventures, are not mine.

Nothing can ever belong to me. It is the open mystery, the pure curiosity to be witness to something so much vaster than my self, That opens a door inside. That tantalizes me to the core of my being, this lOve that captivates in infinite forms, a forest walk, a lovers touch, a mantra that blooms inside my heart,

No amount of prying will open the door,

No amount of seducing or convincing will have you slip in.

A restless seeker becomes meat for a new age feast or a rebel without a cause, and yet one not seeking at all will never know there is a door.

Sometimes we don’t know what it is we are looking for, if we recognize that there is something to realize at all in this life, and my sweet universe is their a mystery to dance with. . .

In a deep and profound way, nothing outside of yourself will ever satisfy where your soul is driving you to go.

What is this deep yearning inside?

What is this love that goes beyond our physical sensations?

Something calls deep in the belly, in the echo of my bones,

I began to feel this insatiable urge to journey within, to leave behind the comforts of what I knew, and discover who I am.

It was as if I had heard this call at the beginning of existence and only just catching the echo in this 3rd dimension. Fragments of myself lost in a time warp, finally being put back into place...such a familiar surge of light and love and yet all I knew at that time was a cold and power hungry Earth with no knowledge of truth or wisdom of love.

Yet is knowledge of truth what entices us, or is it a love that beckons us beyond our own very understanding of existence?

That intention matters.

What does it mean to devote to discovery and Truth?

I reflect and realize I never asked for such a sacred, magical, raw, cosmic, wise, nourishing and simple answer. If an answer is what I could even call it all. It's beyond words to attempt to describe God, Creator, SOurce, Self.

I couldn't tell who knocked first, me, or God. It seemed to come crashing in as one being by the time I have gotten to this point. A cosmic giggle, a sacred prank, who's playing who here?

At this moment. As Eye sit here writing these words in a Blue Ridge Mountain Town in Georgia. A warm cup of coffee by my side and a calm in my chest that feels like home is everywhere I breathe, I begin again.

And again.

This time I take my shadow by the hand and walk with love to learn to express all parts of me. Unveiling shame, guilt, fear, unworthiness that had me hiding for years, possibly lifetimes.

I am just a human, a holy fire burning, a rushing ocean consuming, I am a sacred animal made of flesh and stardust, a paradox that leaves us all breathless, I am you, and if I have gathered anything at all on this journey so far, that is I am what you are, I am you, You are me. All life is created with the same SOurce, the same energy, one spirit speaking through many forms.

So our word influences form, what we decide to see is what is creating us. . .

What does it mean to tell a story? As humans, storytelling has been an intrinsic piece of our magic, passing down wisdom through the generations, and connecting to other worlds. StoryTelling is a medicine, carried down through every culture as an art. This way of sharing in story and poetry has been lost in the fast paced culture along with many other ways of life that our ancestors and early humanity were deeply close to. The majority of humanity isn't sitting around a fire pit at night with their tribe telling stories, sharing music, celebrating or grieving. The tales of the old that remind us of the magic of the forest and fellow elemental friends got deemed “fairytales”, the myths of Gods and Goddesses became fantastic hero journeys, the stories we tell of who we are to those we meet and the monologues in our mind we hold dear that are woven from our memories and not of what is here grabbed by the hands of our society and raped of any originality and creative freedom. Living in a loop of who we think we are based on what we have been told is acceptable to be, being handed a history that tells us “what this world is”. Oh how there is so much more. . . a hidden story awaiting our remembrance.

How to tell a story beyond personal attachments and speak from a space of universality? Where I am witness to the greater lesson beneath the surface of events, and weave an ever evolving song of what life looks like to this spirit that peers through this eye.

Maybe even more exciting, how to shapeshift a story? If you are everything than it is not a matter of becoming, it is in being. We are dreaming and we are simultaneously the dream and the dreamer. There for the perception I hold of myself of this world, the stories I tell myself, the stories I tell about this world, are all creating this experience. What if I was never told stories of war, and never was told that I need to become something in this life. These stories we have been told in this world have shaped and molded the collective consciousness, and now we are changing the story, shapeshifting the dream.

We are the co-authors, the spirit weavers of reality, and no story holds an absolute, everything is ever changing, and that means we can shift from one world to another just as easy as breathing in and out.

I am an ever changing tapestry composed of crystalline fractals, poetic honey sap, windey vines dancing on trees and deep oceans that eat at the shores of possibility. A whimsical Owl that flies to reflect, a mystic ear that sees what I hear, a Goddess that bleeds life into this Earth, a spec of star dust floating in nothingness, I am the universal eye that contains all of us.

One moment I may say one thing, three days later I may find a new way to see it, a new way to allow it to express itself.

It's all an evolution.

It's our lOvolution.

I no longer am binding myself to contractual idea that I am one way, for all ways live and breathe through this heart. It can not be contained, and I refuse to attempt to bottle it all in anymore. Trying to sow together broken seams for lifetimes, as if all that is can be contained. Uninhibited, Un- Bound, Un-Limited,

Re- Wilded in the awakening of what is true, what is natural to all beings.

This wasn't how I expected to begin to share, but I am dropping all expectations right here too. I am starting where I am. All that does not serve the unfoldment of this journey can return to Mother Earth as pure nutrients for this New World.

This is where we re-write, This is where light and dark merge, this is where my hands go up, and Spirit takes the reigns. Life doesn’t have to be seen so linearly, it's a spiral, it's a dance, it's your co-creation with your God- Self.

Many Blessings and more to come~