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  • Wild Grace

To the Witches

To the witches and the priestesses, the queens and the goddess

To the whore and sluts, to the mothers and daughters, to the grandmothers and songstress.

To the dancers of the flow, the creatrix within all.

To the carries of life blood and wise old woman.

You were never too much, your faith in the divine was never wrong, your visions and dreams where never something to fear.

You are born with this knowing, and it remains, even through the dark shadows, she remains the greatest alley, friend, sister of the soul.

Bless this sacred call from deep down below, in the womb of the yoniverse, where she is beckoning us home.

Too long has a patriarchal god ruled over the natural flow, too long has the sense of control gripped us into fear of surrender and letting go.

And yet the stillness remains in the in between sensations, in the variety of experiences, your stillness still is louder than any roaches attempt to explain you.

In this sacred Samhain season, I am being reminded of all the witchy cosmic magic that lies in the cauldron of this universe, among other recognitions.That nothing can take that pure essence away, nothing touches that magic spark within your sight. No matter what darkness comes to shadow upon the light, learn to dance in gratitude for the fears are a part of you. A great teacher that has brought the tools to navigate the trauma and pain, and now it’s time to step in and share. For things have changed, no longer is darkness something to fear but a great teacher that sparks gratitude in the spirit of devotion and prayer.

A wise sister said to me last night “it’s time to stop chasing the eternal summer and embrace the rest and stillness of winters delight” this hit me like a ball of fire in my heart for I have been a runner for so long. Trying to be everywhere at once and the not wanting to miss out syndrome led me for a long time into feels of confusion and not taking the proper time for self care. I honor her, the little girl who just wanted to fit in with the crowds and feel loved from those around her. It’s a deeper love that little girl is yearning for than I once realized.

It’s the love of the beloved.

Samhain is known as the witches sabot. The sabot is the sabbath Jewish holiday. The Jewish traditions see the sabbath as a time of union with the beloved, source, great spirit, Christ consciousness. I have not really had an experiance in this life with traditional Judaism, though I have explored some jewish mysticism and have found deep reverence and connection along the path, though I can’t speak too deeply on this ritual from not experiencing it. The veil of consciousness is the thinnest at this time of year, and it is the exact midpoint between the autumn and winter solstice. It is a time of connecting with our ancestors and ancestral line, those that have passed on the other side, and heightened psychic awareness. Tuning us to the magic in the air and within our Self And to reach through the veil in prayer and gratitude for the ancestors that have carved the path before us and provide guidance from the other side. infinite gratitude and love to all of you and with much reverence to each of you for walking this path of love in your most authentic and divine expression.

You are the MAGIC

You are the MEDICINE

~~Wild Grace~~