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  • Wild Grace

Reflections: 5-1-2019

Nothing feels the same

A healing catalyst seeping into all parts of being.

Truth over all else, no time to let fears eat away at the head,

Shadows revealing the uneasy hunger that has been starving my soul from the present moment,

From the hearts wild path to unity, from the joys of just being and connecting deeply.

Instead I have been building castles inside of caves,

Hoping someone will hear the silent cries of tears,

undefined madness that has kept me caged, quietly enraged.

Tired of the privilege to have when there is nothing left to give,

Corrupted by nothing but the ignorance imposed on the mind of Gaia.

Soul is born perfect, Soul is always whole.

It is the mind that seems to be blind,

and not to point a finger anywhere but inside.

Nothing outside will satisfy or suppress this divine discontent.

Clearing the mind to see the manna,

This breath,

breathing me as I invite all parts to be seen.

Shed tears and scream, erotic dancing to settle down the nervous tangs in the body.

This body,

This healing.

This healing is here,

In this body I occupy,

In my perception of who I am inside,

In this love that hails no deception.

A wave crashes to the shore only to reform,

so I too will build again from the rubble and learn the lessons passed down from my mother's mother.

To heal the generation to come again, and all those before me.

This line of blood bleeds through humanity,

We are all on this journey.

Lifetimes and lifetimes of searching through a void to only be faced with an eternal unknown,

Oh how I am falling in love,

and not with something outside but with the divine beloved as all things.

Showing its true essence behind every design, this sacred detachment.

Leading me deeper to the hearts pathway.

Enraptured, this divine elixir.

It all seems like magic,

Shifting from the mind to heart,

Fully in surrender.

Awakening to the divine potential that is infinite, what happens when we all slip in with it, as it?

This world had always confused me,

How do humans truly not see what is happening on this planet?

How do we not see the suffering on this planet is self inflicted, so deeply rooted, yet it is all coming to its boiling point and now we are ushering in a new paradigm of consciousness.

We are all on this ship.

Ready to sail it in pure consciousness and bliss.

Scarcity does not serve this,

Suffering cant hold on to this,

Pain showed me love inside of it..

The past is not here now, so what's left holding on?

What needs to be laid to rest to honor this vibration of love?

Where can I show up more fully for who and what I love?

These are the questions floating through me, as I see the microcosm of my experience as reflection of humanities healing.

We are collapsing timelines in our cells,

We are redefining what it means to be human.

We are remembering our natural state.

We are embodying Loves way.

Anything that tries to play as an obstacle,

Just remember what always remains despite the growing pains

The silence speaks in all tongues.