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Reflections : 4-25-19

Grey days reflecting in sultry morning integration with feelings of peaceful nostalgia.

That child that felt lost is reaching out again,

I have been noticing waves of sentimental moments and memories flowing in and out of the subconscious whirlpool of childhood experiences.

A divine, infinite multidimensional being on this planet learning limitations and how to be in the heart when the illusions of this world are at war.

We CAN change the world, not in the ways we thought but through the Self, by coming home to the heart where we unite in harmony to our inherent wealth.

This is the only way change can be made,

You can not control anything,

So why carry all the weight?

This world isn't here to be carried, Mother is wise beyond our small pin drop of experience here.

A change of perception is all we need to see the harmony and truth within all things, all beings.

I have carried these swords of judgement for far too long,

only out of fear,

holding back tears,

urged to just run away from here.

I stand before the fire and let it all wash free, I lay myself in the river so the water can lay on me.

One synergy.

You can't rush your healing beloved soul,

reflect honestly and see where the demons grab hold.

The dark knight of the soul taught you,

Integrate fully all the lessons this brought you.

All a reflection to reveal the darkness in the light of you,

Do not forget all that this taught you.

These are all lessons, divine blessings,

Do not judge the past for being so reckless,

Your holy fire is alive with pure intention,

You designed these interventions,

Your soul's growth and expansion is the purpose behind these cycles of revelation.

Infinite seer,

Witness to all experience

I am not what is seen, all is a mirage of one divine being.

Returning to pure seeing,

Crystalline beings here with Goddess Gaia to remember and embody universal love.

Consciousness woken up,

Magic teeming, its time to put faith in believing that nothing is as it can seem to be.

Step into the dream with me,

Fiercely shine the light of your being,

don't hold on,

don't hold back,

choose freedom above all else.

For you know there is a mystery, hooting in the forest and blowing in the winds.

To know there is a mystery is to know not a thing..

I pray to unlearn

I pray to unravel

I lay all down and surrender to each mindful step.