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Love is here

Love is not a just a feeling, it is not just an emotional quality, love is a state of pure being. It is core of all creation. Love is calling us home, she has been for awhile. We got lost as a humanity, a young species we are in this vast universe. Despite the apparent state we are in as a species and on the Earth, there are immense shifts taking place in our relationship to the planet, ourselves, and one another. Humanity had forgotten the feminine principles, the nourishment of our Mother Earth, the interconnection of life, and now we are remembering.

From what seems to be an invisible force sweeping across the planet. This awakening is crossing all boundaries, all obstacles, all forces, and bringing us home. Earth is our Mother, she is Goddess, she flows through each of us. She is life force, Mana, the breathe that blows creation into being. We are nothing without her. We are her. Life breathes with us, as us, it is the simplest and most profound truth. The roots of our humanity knew this, lived by this, and it is time we return and evolve even further.

I just returned from a Permaculture Farm called WildCat Creek Educational Center in Florida. Through a series of synchronicities, trust filled decisions, soulful action, and unconditional lOve, I found myself working with a sister to hold space for an all woman led gathering called Gaia Gathering. “The feminine voice needs to be heard, Mothers Wisdom needs to be shared, Her children need to come home” echoed in me as the words that the owner of the land left me with as I traveled back to Asheville back in late February. When spirit wills something into being it is a natural process, like a seed. Its coded with what it needs to survive, live, and thrive. The process of this gathering coming to life is much like this, it has its own dream to create, its own life to share. It was beyond me and my sister Laurens hands and mind, it took a total surrender on so many levels to birth such a wild creation, such as mother nature herself.

The energy that was exchanged, the love that we were all able to bear witness to, within and without, was like being witness to pure truth. Pure beingness in everything, as a wondrous creation of the universe. The Gaia Gathering brought us through the interdimensional birth canal together. We united for the Earth, for Spirit, to learn, grow, listen, and be. With focus on Permaculture, woman wisdom, and tools for spiritual growth, we expanded our perceptions of who we are, how we can make change to live in deeper harmony with Mother Earth, and what community can be.

We can not help but notice the state of our Earth right now. We can not help but notice how the way we treat our planet is reflecting to how we treat ourselves and others. So much rose within my body, mind, spirit this past week, from societal influences still lingering in my psyche of expectations and control to trauma in the body from sexual abuse and collective feminine repression.When things rise in me, I can not help but also be witness to the greater wound of humanity that my fraction of experience is reflecting to be healed. As each layer came to be witnessed, I shed more and more. Skins that I clung to as a security blanket from the great responsibility of what true freedom calls for. Liberation and freedom does not mean a relinquishing of responsibility, it is a great responsibility to undertake the journey of self discovery and remember our true nature. Living from the Heart is not a cop out of your experience, it is a deeper immersion with your relationship to love as all things. In realizing God in all things, we have a responsibility to honor this in all things and bring awareness to what is happening to Mother Earth so humanity can live freely and in unity with all of life.

We are powerful, illuminated, intuitive, compassionate, wise, strong beings of love and light. Purely here as awareness, as a witness to the unfoldment of humanity, to the ascension process of Mother Earth. We are Free. As humans, we are vessels, channels, for these energies that Mother Earth is emitting, and as we open more and tune in we are able to consciously navigate this path. We are here for a purpose, whether we know it or not. Something deep in the belly beats like a drum calling you forward. We do not have a map for this path we are following, we can not look to the past for a reference. This is guided moment by moment, in presence, in intuitive flashes, in total surrender trust to the divine will.

Everything happens for a reason, there is nothing that happens in our experience that is not in sync with a higher divine order. There just is not. We are not separate from the cosmic designs, we are multidimensional beings experiencing many facets at once.

Spirit is infinite,

and we are that.

At this pivotal point here on Mother Earth we are being imbued with a new energy, a new perception of our reality that is seeking to communicate with us, to heal us and bring us back to our natural state of being as LOVE. It is a LOVOLUTION. PachaMama needs her children to come together now more than ever. Showing up in freedom and truth in whatever capacity your spirit is called, is our responsibility here now. Community is medicine, we are tribal human spirits, we need to empower and support one another as we walk our heart path.

We are here.

It is time.

Let us RISE family.