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Follow Your Bliss- A call to the Soul.

We are a part of a revolution, a renaissance in the consciousness of humanity.

Heart Path Collective is a vision that belongs to no one but the spirit of this change with a vision to weave together those who are doing the good work to stand strong in the light, heal their body and minds, and speak for the voicelessness of nature.

We each are blessed with a unique perception and medicine to share with the world which fits into the greater puzzle of ho we can help Mother Earth and Humanity through our creative passion and love.

How can we support one another to rise in our own individual lives and also in our coming together. The power and possibilities when we come together are infinite and weaving together this greater mission that each of our visions hold within it.

So I am sending out a call-

This is a call to all beings choosing lOve over power, choosing Mother Earth and her creatures, choosing to acknowledge the state of our world and taking action and those who do not know what to do. This is a call to visionaries of the new world, dream weavers, and medicine keepers. This is a call to celebrate this path we are walking and dancing down. This is a call to come together with solution based ideas to weave together the community through sustainable and magical action. This is a call to remember who we are, why we are here, and the possibilities of what can be when we gather with authentic expression and intention together.

We are slowly growing a garden from this seed.

I can not wait to share some of the amazing revolutionary and cosmic souls that have already been open to start sharing their own personal vision and working together to begin holding educational and sacred spaces to cultivate our inner world and outer world. The goal is to let this message of love continue to wash through the world and spread it everywhere you are. This is not about physically being together all of the time, this is about shining everywhere we are knowing that we are spread out throughout the world sharing these Truths of the Heart.

It all begins from within.

Sustainable and permaculture based action is birthed through our inner symbiosis, right action in the outer world comes directly from truthful understanding of who we are.

We are all doing this together, if your heart is being called to reach out and learn more, please listen and answer that, always.

Trust in where your heart leads you, its a spiral of a journey that can be trusted just as much as you can trust in Mother Earth. Even if its not to here, I thank you for reading this and honoring the voice of your soul.

Mother Earth is calling us home. Truth is calling us home. The heart has been home all along.