In devotion and love, may all beings awaken to who we are and the path of wild divine love. 

Sacred Breath Awareness

The art of breathing is one of the most simple and available tools we have as humans for centering, calming the nervous system, and activating our own energetic\pranic body.

This session is for those interested in diving deeper into a breath work practice and incorporating breathe awareness into every day life. From yogic and eastern traditional pranayama to exploring the intelligence of prana within your bodies intuition, we will dive into the art and healing of the breath.

1 on 1 or group sessions~

1 Hour or inquire for private offerings

Intuitive Guidance

Learning the art of listening and trusting the intuitive voice of wisdom within and developing the tools for tapping into the subtle messages of your soul. These sessions offer a container to explore energetic awareness and practices that tune you to receive the wisdom and messages of your life.

Intuitive guidance is a safe container to tune in with the guiding powers of their life, tuning in with ancestral, animal, angelic, and higher dimensional guides through oracle, meditation, breath, sound, visualization, and unveiling the layers of separation between you and your true Self.

~Online or In person~

2 hour Session

Oracle Reading

This offering includes guided meditation and an oracle card reading to call in alignment to your higher Self and receive any guidance that will support your path and receive . 

~Online or in Person~

30 Minute Alignment call


1 Hour Meditation & Reading

Dharma Session

Dharma is a vibration, or a state of being. Coming into relationship with dharma, a word in Sanskrit that relates to purpose and selfless service, brings us into harmony with life and what the universe intends to be expressed through us.

This session or series of sessions are designed to tune the individual to the passionate calling and purpose within that passion. Its important to recognize this, this exploration is not to provide a simple answer to your purpose on the earth, it is to tune you in with the energy of what it feels like to be living in dharma, in service, in harmony with the Earth and Universe.

-more to come for this offering-

Sound Alchemy & Alignment

In a universe composed of vibration, sound is one of the most powerful tools we have for healing and resetting the body, mind, and spirit systems. Each bowl is attuned to a note that is in relationship to the chakra system, which is the central energy channel up and down the spine. Sound works on a multidimensional level, influencing altered states of consciousness through deep relaxed states. Cultivating awareness of subtle energy and how energy influences form

Chakra Alignment: 1 hour & 30 minute

-Energetic clearing of the Auric field

- Reboot & Reset

-Nervous system and cellular repair

-DNA clearing & Activation

Sound Alchemy

~A series created to explore the power of Sound, the energy body, and subtle energy practices.~

Vision Mission

Visual and healing arts unify in a vision to bring channeled creations to communities. Art inspires the evolution of culture and community. I have a mission and vision to share visionary art murals and instalations and collaborate with other inspired artists to raise more support for the artists during this time on Earth. 

Retreats & Immersions

More Information on its way ~

All sessions are $55-222 depending on session & available online through zoom

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