Heart Path Living Vision & Mission

"When the Heart unifies with the mind, with the body, we grow together in harmony."

This human journey is a wild spiral of unfolding poetry, never ending growth, a beautiful rooted system ever rising us to evolve beyond itself, to connect ever deeper to the mystery of who we are, and why we are here. 

My own journey is a story unto itself that will be told as this journey continues to unfurl itself ever farther into the universe, for now I wish to speak for this beating heart inside of both of us. 

For this is where we truly meet, in our hearts there are no differences to be found. Love unifies separation, reveals peace and harmony as a natural state of being.

Our Earth is in a place right now where her children, humanity, have greatly lost touch to the connection we have to the Earth, the plants and water, to one another. Somehow this simple truth has been consumed with paradigms of greed that are laden with unsustainable practices, psychological manipulation, and violence. 

These practices must change, we all feel it. Never before has our planet been in such an uproar. People all over the world are speaking up, rising silently with the trees, planting seeds and once again reclaiming the power within to create change, to heal ourselves, our communities, and unify to help support our Earth during this great time on this planet. 

There are so many of us here on this planet with a calling inside, to rise beyond the old constructs of what we have been told and rise into the true authentic and empowered soul that is with us in every moment. Each with our own unique medicine to share with the world. There is not one path, there are many, and yet it is all the Hearts Path, expressing itself as uniquely as each of us are.

It is through the multiplicity that we discover Unity.

Change starts here. Now. In the body. In your perception. In your awakening. 

We can search the world outside for lifetimes, until eventually we find that what we are truly seeking is here, within. 

Heart Path Living is a sacred space within, its your journey, your wild hearts songs and dance, your sacred tears and fears, all is held in the container of your heart. No part of you is seperate from the Divine.

My vision is to shine a light on the essence within all walks of life, all ways of being, and honor the source of life and support the awakening on this planet. Slowly holding space to grow a team of beings who share similar visions to hold space for retreats, events, and tours to educate and share in the expressive arts, yoga, permaculture, heart centered living, alternative\ energetic healing & medicines and to listen to the needs of individual communities. 

Heart Path Livings Mission is to empower beings to live authentically and freely from the heart and inspire through fierce unconditional love, acceptance, and expression.  Honoring all paths and holding a container for re-generation, re-learning, re-tuning, and re- aligning to the truth of who we are.

All beings are sacred, All life is sacred, What would it look like if this whole world knew this within themselves. . . 

I am not alone in this vision, and I pray that in time a group will be born from these prayers and expand into a traveling community that shares skills, healing, and arts with communities helping with permaculture and land regeneration projects, healing arts gatherings and hosting private retreats and workshops. 

Heart Path Living

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