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Soul Immersion

January 9-12th 2020

Wildcat Creek Educational Center, Clarksville FL

Grounding into the Heart of Life

A weekend of immersing into the voice of spirit, uncovering stillness, and remembering our True Nature

Taking the silent leap into the hearts center of presence and uncovering the illusion of separation from Source. 


Soul immersion is offering an opportunity to unplug from the mainstream and into the internal network of the Soul with meditation, deep connection and the Light of Nature. 


Natura Sophia is the Wisdom of Nature, the natural intelligence of nature that is perceived through the heart. In this Immersion we will be diving into the Heart of Nature 


  • Off Grid immersion with the Earth 

  • 3 meals daily All Vegan & GF options

  • Hot Tea’s  for detox throughout weekend

  • Clean and Pure Well Water 

  • Camping or Bus accommodations (limited) 

  • Wood heated converted bus with Beds (bring your own warm blankets and comforts)

  • Solar powered Showers 

  • A creek & trails to wander

  • Meditation garden 


What this immersion contains:

  • A sacred and safe space to commune with the voice of spirit through the heart of Nature

  • Daily Morning sadhana & movement 

  • Daily group discussions, meditations, and exercises to explore, discern, and allow. 

  • Somatic & Breath  practices 

    • Body Scans

    • Pranayama & Visualization

    • Deep Listening & Subtle Movement

  • Emotional\ Creative transmutation 

  • Silent reflection & introspection

  • Elemental Connection meditations- deepening relationship to the body and Nature

    • Tree Meditations

    • Elemental Embodiment meditations

    • Fire & Water Ceremony

  • Crystalline Activation and Womb Awareness & Wisdom

  • Cacao and Sound Journey (?)

6:00 PM
Sacred Breathe Sanctuary, Swanannoa NC


Collecting our intentions and coming together to hold a powerful container for the Libra Full Moon this month. Chakra sound meditation, heart opening cacao and wild woman stories, We will be gathering to bring in the new cycle and honor the wisdom of the feminine within all.

APRIL 22, 2019


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1:00 PM


Crystal sound bowl journey through the chakras to tune inward, explore intuitive and subtle energies, and align the body-mind-spirit into harmony and homeostasis.