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Heart Path Living


Welcome Beloveds

You have found your way along this spiral path of remembrance and have landed at this divine point. Lifetimes you have walked as a sacred being, a Priestess or Magi. Your sacred heart remembers, the insatiable tugs from Great Mystery have guided you the entirety of your evolution. Every petal of the rose and every thorn you have chosen to journey through revealed ever deepening depths of your own Self. Your ancient heart still throbbing to the rhythm of creation even amidst all the chaos and changes we are seeing within and around.

This remembrance is on a cellular level, it is a somatic sense communicating from within. It is not a path of rationality, its not the logical stream of thoughts our world has laid out in linear map form. When we start to follow the intuitive pulses of the hearts gnosis, the reality that was known begins to dismantle as the inner garden begins to reveal itself beneath the concrete rubbles of generational & societal  conditioning & trauma. Awakening occurs in many ways within the human experiance, none of us signed up for the same ride. Our evolutionary journey is essentially unique while also deeply interconnected. There is no one way fast track to higher consciousness or divine embodiment, there is only the living mythos that your soul has come here to experiance.  

The wild heart trusts implicitly the Divine as the compass and guide to this evolution.

The heart just wildly knows, free of inhibition while tempered with the wisdom of discernment.

The essential pieces that had been lost the last thousands of years of human story telling are being rekindled from within. The Sacred way of the Feminine Mysteries is revealing herself again.  We are the oracles, the wisdom keepers, the Priestesses, the Magi's, the visionaries of these times. It is our responsibility to reclaim our divine inheritance as sacred soverign beings. We came here in these times to anchor the Magdalene Christ Consciousness through our bodies and embodied Gnosis. The path of the Heart is a wild and holy path of union within & without and sacred service to Mother Earth & all of Creation. Through embodied wisdom we can emerge into our souls dharma and sacred service in this lifetime. The remembrance and awakening of yourself is the greatest gift you can give back to this world. 

Heart Path Living is grounded in with the pillars of devotion, integrity, reciprocity, and embodied expression. All the offerings within this network of relations is to bridge the modern world with ancient and tribal wisdom, connection to Mother Earth, embodied arts & ritual, and the evolutionary pulse of consciousness at these times. We weave these webs to support the micro to the macro of the changes we see in our world and within our own experience of being human.

Heart Path Living is a Community, Mystery School, & Creative bridge working in relationship with local & global projects and non-profits. Heart Path is the wild and holy beckoning of the soul and the call to return to our true nature. Some of the core of our mission is to weave a culture of Love that lives in symbiosis with Mother Earth & all of creation, to support & empower individuals upon their awakening path through sacred healing Arts, Embodied Expression & Feminine Mysteries.

Your heart is a Shrine,

Your body is a Temple,

Your life is Ceremony,

Your love is Worship.




My deepest devotion is to the awakening and liberation of the souls essence into the depths of embodiment and gnosis of the divine within Self and all of life.

In service to the uncovering of the depths of Love and embodied Soul expression that lives beneath the surface through the rewiring and rewriting of the stories, trauma, and conditioning's that are not in support to the Souls essence.

Reclaiming the orgin archetypal mythos that is the living prayer of life.

In love with the beauty that is within and around all of life, I devote my heart to the revelation of beauty and the freedom for all to live a life of beauty, resonance, and remembrance.


Grace Asharah

Grace Asharah's deepest devotions live for the evolution of humanity and the Divine Mother. Her heart, womb, and spirit pulsing for the restoration of right relationship to Mother Earth and all of creation as sacred. Upon her ever evolving journey of embodiment of the Soul, she shares her service and heart with all those in resonance to the threads she weaves and is guided to share in. In the tapestry of all the gifts we   


Growing up in New Jersey as a deeply sensitive and visionary soul, she found solace in nature, art museums, & performance arts. Through the years of conditioning and childhood trauma she developed Body dysmorphia and ED at a young age which grew into larger forms of self harm and depression until a NDE( near death experiance) occurred her sophomore year of high school. This experience involved an out of body journey that altered her lifestyle behaviors & perceptions and began an alchemical shift within. 

An ancient soul in a young body, her awakening journey began with the yogic path at 17 years old that became a safe guide to support a profound spontaneous mystical awakening that initiated a series of kundalini experiences. With passionate curiosity she journeyed deeper into the realms of consciousness through the lenses of Yoga & breath work, Quantum physics & energetics and human psychology while simultaneously being guided by spirit through many streams of information and puzzle pieces that where weaving together a bigger picture. After months immersed in art school and her own self created studies, Asharah Grace whole heatedly listened to the wild call and leaped into her souls journey, leaving college after her first year to pursue alternative pathways of healing and Truth.


Shortly after leaving college and hiking the Appalachian trail from New Jersey to Maine, she discovered the path of Advaita Non duality and Tantra. Beloved Mooji Baba came into her life right after leaving college and to this day has been a profound voice of Truth in her heart.


Spending the last 8 years integrating and unraveling ancient divine feminine scrolls within her soul & her roots in non-duality & yogic traditions, she discovered the female Bodhisattva and Dakini arts and began to discover a deeper thread upon the journey. A woven red and gold connection that is Great Mysteries whispers.


Asharah journeyed through her own embodied relationship & the spontaneous teachers who supported revealing the feminine archtypal journey,  Magdalene, & the Lineage of the Rose, working with varies Native American traditions such as Taino Ceremony, Temazcal (sweat-lodge), Native Vision Quests & Dances, Costa Rica MoonDance, & other wisdom traditions from Mexico, India, & Peru and weaving her creative vision through embodied art forms such as poetry, storytelling, dance and visual arts, Grace offers her service to all who feel in resonance with this small facet of a greater whole that is our global awakening.

Her path guided her down many avenues of awakening and remembrance through the body, mind, heart, and womb, weaving together her passions for the great mystery of life force that lives within the human potential. In these powerful times upon Mother Gaia, Asharah finds herself deeply in devotion to the inner alchemical work & discovery while also being of service to the greater community through her passions & intuitive heart wisdom.

In her dedication to the empowerment of wombankind & the remembrance of Divine Feminine Mysteries, she weaves her passion for shamanic traditions & elemental ceremony with feminine embodiment, archetypal expression, somatic & eco sensuality, and womb & cyclical wisdom.


In her recent years she has been devoted to spiraling with the Rose Priestess lineage, deepening into shamanic and somatic womb care and the alchemy of archetypal shadow work. She has been Exploring & incorporating trauma informed care and nervous system regulation for deeper alchemical transformation within the body & mind and diving deep into Taoist Tantric Arts and Earth Priestess Arts for Self Cultivation & embodiment.

As the origin creatrix and prayer visionary of Heart Path Living & Seraphim Sophia Temple, Asharah Grace is devoted to weaving with communities & individuals to spread & plant the seeds and pour the milk and honey back into the Garden. To celebrate this life as a living ceremony and remember ourselves Home, together.

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