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Heart Path Living
Wild & Holy Path of Love

Your heart is a bridge between the worlds

We are here to remember who we are together

As a Community, we weave with all our relations and celebrate intergenerational connection & creative visionary collaboration. Prioritizing cultivating transformational & creative containers, celebrating the ceremony that is life & embodied expression, & collaborating with other sacred activists, artists, and stewards to raise awareness & resources for global & local projects supporting the Earth & community in myriad of ways. 

As a Mystery School, Seraphim Sophia Temple Arts, we hold space for the embodied wisdom of Sophia & the forgotten lineages of the Divine Feminine & Indigenous ways of life. Weaving the worlds of sacred feminine embodiment, tantric temple arts and the right use of sacred sexual life force with elemental initiation, archetypal, cyclical, & ancestral connection, & ceremony arts.

As a creative Bridge, Heart Path Living serves as an umbrella and bridge to multiple mission projects that are raising awareness and resources to support ecological preservation & protection, Earth & Human rights, & cultural preseration of ancient & indigenous ways of life.
Image by Cole Keister

The experience of being human is inseparable from the experience of the divine.

to touch, taste, feel, sense, and know this truth awakens into the blooming petals of your alchemical destiny 

a rose and her thorns
are part of one another
and all that you are is wild and holy


We live in auspicious times where great change is inherent if we are to move with the currents of evolution as a species. We are co-authors, co-creators with the divine in this experiance upon Mother Earth. As we remember more of who we are, we reclaim our life force energy that has been stuck in trauma from this life & past, ancestral & authority contracts, & generational societal conditioning to create the timelines, visions, and stories that are in alignment with the souls essence & embodiment.

As we stand amidst these times of a quantum choice point- we are awakening a new journey of the evolution of the Human experience. We have a sacred opportunity to take quantum leaps through ancestral and collective trauma within the nervous system and body so we can adapt to the heightening of frequencies on Mother Earth and reestablish the primal & intuitive relationship to the bodies role in this evolution.


Live Your Lifes Mythos



In the crafts of rewriting the stories that live in the body, blood, and collective, contains the journey of uncovering the souls voice. The voice of the soul is an inner language that weaves through synchronicity, poetry, internal knowing, body sensations, and many intuitive and instinctual pathways that deliver the messages.

What does it mean to embody the Mystery?

We touch in to great mystery deeply through the body. Ultimately there would be no experience of the mystery without the body.The somatic wisdom that attunes us to the sensory and imaginal realms contains infinite worlds of information. Our bodies are sacred technologies. Our minds are programmable like computers. The soul is eternal. The stories we are told about life hold the power to create life or destroy life.

In exploring embodied mystery and mythos, we explore how we reclaim the stories and narrative that influence and determine the human experience through our own bodies.


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